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We provide professional engine diagnostics using modern methods of diagnosis and repair facilities. If you need to diagnose your car’s engine, then contact our customer service. We’ll connect your car to a diagnostic device and check whether the engine control unit.

Complete diagnostics of electronic control systems.

  • Performance modifications of control units
  • FAP Particulate Filter Replacement, Treatment, and Removal.


We also perform performance adjustments of control units.

  • Modification of particulate filters
  • Fuel Injector Electronics Testing and Settings
  • Settings and adjustments


Performance modifications of control units.

It is a reprogramming of an electronic memory block with a serial program. This intervention optimizes the injection characteristics, air / fuel ratio, ignition and use of quality fuel. In the case of turbo engines, the turbocharger boost pressure also increases. All modifications to the modification consist solely of modification of the control unit software. There is no mechanical intervention in the engine. The results of the treatment are not subjective but can be evaluated very well.

– increase in power of about 6-11% and torque of about 10-14% for atmospheric petrol engines

– 20-35% increase in power and torque for turbocharged engines – higher turbo pressure

– torque increase with significantly better characteristics in the low and medium speed range

– maintaining or reducing fuel consumption by 8-18%

– maintaining the service life of the engine and its accessories

– maintaining the purity limit of exhaust gases in accordance with the applicable European Union standards


Modification of particulate filters
The particulate filter is a device designed to capture particulate matter and reduce diesel emissions to meet increasingly stringent EU standards.


How does FAP / DPF work?
The particulate filter FAP / DPF is a sort of screen that catches dirt in the exhaust system after burning the fuel in the engine cylinders. When the engine control unit evaluates that the FAP / DPF is clogged, it activates the filter regeneration process, the exhaust gas temperature increases, and the FAP / DPF particulate content passes through the combustion process.


Does the particulate filter have FAP / DPF negatives?
The filter is another obstacle in the exhaust, which prevents easy exhaust of the flue gas and thus reduces engine performance. Over time, the filter becomes clogged until it needs to be replaced. Replacing the FAP / DPF particulate filter is an investment of CZK 10-40,000.


What do you get by removing the FAP / DPF?
Thanks to the professional removal of the FAP / DPF, you will not have to replace the filter after driving 60-160,000 km. At the same time, removing the FAP / DPF will solve these problems:

– the car does not accelerate when the accelerator pedal is depressed

– the diagnostic light is on

– the car is in safe mode, which increases fuel consumption

– the car switches to regeneration mode, which increases fuel consumption

– the car switches to regeneration mode again, the engine and its components may be damaged

– Your car engine is not designed to be dependent on a FAP / DPF particulate filter. Removing the FAP / DPF will solve these problems without compromising engine life or functionality.

Total Price for Software Part:

– for cars with a cylinder capacity of 2.5 l – 8 000, – CZK

– for cars over 2.5 l – 10 000, – CZK

Professional treatment of the particulate filter step by step.
As a professional software engine and diesel particulate filter engineer, it performs both mechanical removal of the FAP / DPF and subsequent adjustment of the controller software.

Mechanical part of treatment
Remove the FAP / DPF diesel particulate filter (sieve) from the exhaust system. The difficulty differs depending on the make, model and motorization of your car. On some vehicles, only the diesel particulate filter element is removed, for others it is necessary to replace the filter element with baffles to prevent exhaust gas turbulence and unwanted exhaust noise.
Exhaust pipe removal and reassembly, high-quality welding work and expert corrosion protection of welds are a matter of course.

Software part of editing
After mechanical removal of the particulate filter FAP / DPF, we will modify the original software of the engine control unit. The software is first backed up in case the customer decides to return the FAP / DPF to the exhaust system. The FAP / DPF particulate filter strategy and its components are modified on the backup copy. Then the modified program is loaded into the control unit of your car.

After all modifications, connect your vehicle to the scan tool and check the engine control unit.

When the car is handed over to you, the admission technician will take a test drive with you to test how the car behaves when the FAP / DPF is removed.

We will provide you with a 24-month warranty for the modifications made to the software part of the modification and also for compliance with the emission values ​​(unless other defects are present).